Steve "Sparky" Fifer: Sports Radio Personality

Steve "Sparky" Fifer is a well-known sports radio personality for 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee. His position as a producer, reporter, personality, etc. is unique and one that is envied by a majority of sports fans locally and nationally. As a continued look into non-traditional positions, Sparky and host Tim Muma discuss the highs and lows of media - particularly in the sports world - and the skills that would benefit him (or anyone) if he had to give up working in the media.

Podcast Series: Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs takes a hodgepodge, entertaining approach to the employment realm. This show will undoubtedly give you a laugh, make you appreciate your job a little more, or at least take your mind off the stresses of life. In here, bad is good and weird is better!